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    I'm Rob, a Utah photographer based in Salt Lake City. I specialize in wedding photography, family and individual portraits, and event photography. I love what I do, and bring my passion to every assignment.

    I am often asked why I chose to be a wedding and portrait photographer, the simple answer is that I love it. I love the joy and happiness involved in weddings and families. I love to watch people light up when they see their precious memories saved forever.

    My goal is to provide you with the highest quality photography services, at affordable rates.

This is my joy!

Why do I do what I do?

I love photography. I love having fun with my clients. I love capturing the joy and excitement in their life, so that they can cherish it forever. so they can always see the good in the world: Them!  My favorite moment is when I first get to show my clients their pictures! The way they light up, that is why I do this!

I love wedding photography because I get to share in a huge part of people’s lives.  They invite me in to be a part of one of the most important days of their life. There is so much joy and happiness in any wedding that you can’t help but feel amazing while photographing them.  I love building a relationship with my clients that extends into a friendship.  Some of those friendships last forever!  The fact that I usually develop a friendship with my clients, helps me to see them for who they are, which in turn helps me to know what they will want from their photographs.

And because, no matter how great the shot, the landscape never looks at it’s picture, smiles at me, and says: Wow!

I want everyone to have something available to them, in a price they can afford, that will bring them joy for the rest of their lives.


How do I do what I do?

I study photography constantly.  I study the latest fashions and trends to be more aware of what my clients are looking for.  I study the latest techniques and strive to master them to achieve beauty in every shot.

I work hard to keep my prices down.  I work very hard to know my equipment inside and out, backward and forward.  I strive for perfection with each and every shutter click.

I invest in products that will make better use of my time.  I invest in equipment that has proven itself in the field over and aver again; that I know I can trust no matter what.  I use the best tools I can find to reach my customers, without forcing me to raise my rates.


What do I do?

I am a wedding, event, and portrait photographer in Salt Lake City, Utah.

I shoot everything from very formal to wild weddings; from family events to bachelorette parties; from formal family portraits to kids’ portraits in the park!

My joy, knowledge, and experience in photography help me to create wonderful work. You make it amazing!

Photography: This is My Joy!

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Email troubles

OH NO! I just found out that my Email has been down for a while! I am so sorry for anyone who has tried to email me, please send me a new message. My email is back up and working fine now.

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Milligan-LaPointe Wedding Photography in Utah

These two are so amazing! I was so glad to be there for their big day! The day was so beautiful, and their outdoor wedding in Northern Utah was going to be wonderful… but, mother nature had a different idea. A strong storm cell moved in, and would you believe that it started pouring at the exact time that their wedding was set to start, luckily, the local church building was available. We all scrambled to move everything and keep their day special. At the end of the night, Nate and Christy came to me to say, that I had been right when I had told them, that no matter what happens on their wedding day, at the end of the day they will be married, and nothing can take away from that. Thank you Nate and Christy for choosing me to be your wedding photographer! Sorry it took so long to get these posted!

Nate and Christy's Wedding Photography

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The Miller Family – Salt Lake City Family Photography

Miller Family Portraits

I had a great time taking Family Portraits for the Millers in Salt Lake City! Their little boy sure had a mind of his own, but that just makes for even more fun, not to mention great character!

I think families like this are why I love being a photographer! You can see how much they love being together, and know how to have fun doing so!

Thank you for letting me be your photographer!

Miller Family Portraits

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